Lean Into Self: Resources for COVID-19 Wellbeing

Spaciousness and community care support strategic thinking and wise action.”

Some call it distance, but I quite prefer spaciousness. Distance feels, well distancing. It feels scary, as if I need to stay away from you for fear of our mutual danger. While spaciousness –allowing for space– feels warm, human, understanding; that we are giving one another space to encourage life, not fear.

With social-spaciousness we have the room to be ourselves and tend to our needs all while consciously caring for the health and wellness of others.

Although we live in a society that has done its best to limit our connection to Self or our ability to sit in stillness, this is exactly what this moment calls for. Now is the perfect time to set in motion a deep and lasting connection with our inner world. Through meditation, movement, writing, and compassionate creativity we can grow ourselves and protect our communities.

đź’–In this post I have listed some resources for COVID-19 social-spaciousness. I will continue to update it as I find more.đź’–

đź’Ś Feel free to send along any that you find particularly helpful.

Thank you for being who are you and thank you for helping heal our world.

Resources to encourage wellbeing of spirit, mind, body, and soul during this time of the ages:

Mediations & Meditation Resources:

For Health & Immunity:

Online Workouts:

Soothing Sounds:

Community Connection:

Self-Care Actions:

  • Cook a yummy meal
  • Read this perfect post by my friend, Christine (that’s not tl:dr)
  • Start a new book (or finish that one you’ve been wanting to finish)
  • Write anything
    • Just let it out
  • Exercise
  • Go for a walk
  • Sit in the sun
  • Open the windows and feel fresh air
  • Take a soothing shower or bath
    • Adding epsom salts or lighting candles, incense or sage make it even lovlier
  • Play music that makes you feel good
  • Call or facetime peolple you love
  • Cry as much as you feel like
  • Sit and focus on your breath, deep breaths in and out until you feel yourself relax
  • Start that new creative project (pinterest has got you covered)
  • Play a board game (or single-player games like Solitare or Banagrams)

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